About US

Our core values and beliefs in building great personal, professional, and supply relationships with international trading companies all over the world, has guided us towards building a truly global company that guarantees the consistent delivery of high-quality goods to people who need them all over the world. 

Our global trade expertise enables us to execute oil and non-oil commodity exports at the best quality and price for every qualified buyer. We ensure our transactions are not just safe for both our clients and our organization but will help us build and sustain very long-term rewarding relationships with our clients and partners. 

Our Story

Sourcing commodities from trusted exporters in Africa can sometimes be hard. But even worse, is finding a company that doesn't just guarantee a quality standard and sticks to it, but that also has the same values and beliefs that you do as a company.

At BZK LLC, we believe that doing the right thing, respecting the customer's views, and building a great relationship comes first, and so, we strive to prioritize these core values over everything else.

We're neither the cheapest nor the most expensive exporters in Africa, but we're competitive, and above all else, believe in building strategic long term relationships with clients that understand the value of what we have to offer and that believe in the reasonable mutual growth of both organizations.

We don't just sell commodities. We sell an experience. A satisfactory one. And will strive to do this over and over again with the clients that choose to build a great future for both their companies and ours.

Founded in the year 2017, BZK LLC Limited was built as a global trading organization to help international buyers to safely and reliably procure agricultural products, solid minerals, and petroleum products from Nigeria and other parts of Africa for supply in African and the rest of the world.

Some of these products are raw cashew nuts, sesame seeds, dry hibiscus flower, tiger nuts, black stone flower, shea butter, ginger, cow pea, peanuts, lithium ores, lead ore, copper ore, zinc ore, diesel, crude oil (BLCO), LPFO, Bitumen, and much more commodities.

With a strong client focus and providing more than simply just a solution for your business, we strive to give independent expert advice, services, and to ensure the supply of food, agricultural products, solid minerals, and petroleum products to 54+ ports located around the world based on established and trusted methodologies, as well as communicate facts to our customers.

Our experts have in-depth sector knowledge, and as such, our global trade expertise is built to see your organization succeed.